Herbal Braised Duck

Chef Sham
Premium Golden Duck

"Premium Golden Duck" is developed by local famous food stall “Lao Huo Tang” founder, Chef Sham and his apprentice, Chef Long. It has taken them several months of research and refinement with the help of latest technology. "Premium Golden Duck" uses expensive angelica, together with more than ten supplement herbs carefully marinated for eight hours. It has two flavors, both Herbal Braised Duck and Herbal Roast Duck.


Fresh live ducks are transported daily from neighboring countries. After slaughter, they are marinated for long hours so that the essence of herbs get into the duck. When eating "Premium Golden Duck", you can enjoy the delicious mellow meat and also supplement your body at the same time. Another characteristic of the meat is tender, bouncy and not fat.

Currently, "Premium Golden Duck" is sold at a very low price. Chef Sham wants to benefit more people by means of puerile, including chopping duck, each is selling at only $16. Cheap and tasty, all food lovers absolutely not to be missed. Good or bad, you will find out soon!

So far, "Premium Golden Duck" has been featured in "The Straits Times", "The New Paper", "Shin Min Daily News", "LianHe ZaoBao" and "LianHe WanBao".

“当归金味鸭”是由本地著名的“老火汤”创办人沈希师傅和师徒Chef Long经过数月的不断研究改进并结合了最新科技研制而成的。它的特别之处是以贵重的当归为主,再搭配十多种补身药材细心腌制八小时。“当归金味鸭”共有两种口味,既当归卤鸭和当归烧鸭。